Lack of Traction

Life of a jobless car lover

Under the Thumb


I’ve heard that sitting down to write while you are in a bit of a huff can completely ruin the context of what you intend to accomplish. But if I don’t sit down and do something, my wife     just might use my very heavy and very old laptop as, what the surgeon may refer to later, a “blunt instrument”.

This situation has come about from a recent “move out of the workforce”.  Being made redundant in Australia definitely has its perks. It allows one to sit back, take a deep breath and figure out what comes next.  I know what comes next; its more work, its another job that you take to pay the bills, pay for your next holiday, pay for health insurance or registration for your cars.  It’s a way to continue on this cycle that, if you’re good enough at it, gets you closer to some sort of dream a long way in the future.

Lambo Laptop

I don’t really see this as being a negative thing, in fact, when your “cycle” is going well it feels good and makes you positive about continuing on and getting better.  Small victories seem to drive the hunger to be successful at what ever your profession is.  It keeps you in an industry/business that you really wouldn’t have any interest in were you not getting paid for it.  Wait…..wait, don’t hit the close button just yet!  I realise this is how the world turns, so to speak.  I get it, and, I don’t have a problem with it.  What I am doing is, quite literally, getting on here to break my cycle, well, maybe not break, but more pick it up and point it in a different direction all together.  Find a way in to an industry that, according to my resume, I have no business being in.

I have no doubt that at some point in your life someone has laid that age old cliche on you “Find something you love and you’ll never work a day in your life”  It’s usually while you are looking for work that this gem comes up.  Most of us will entertain the thought for a good 30-40 seconds before muttering to yourself “what a load of shit” and go back to your depressing job search.  No I’m not so much of a dreamer that I am thinking “I can make this work!” but it has got me thinking just how do I get in to the industry that I have looked at for most of my life and never taken a step towards.  An industry that I spend more time reading about and watching on YouTube than any other subject in my life.  Its one of the few things that I am passionate about.

How do I suddenly, at 32 years old, want off this highway and decide that I would rather be on that narrow winding road over yonder? I’m lucky enough to have the support of my loving wife, which is a hurdle that a lot of people have to overcome in order to pursue something like this.  So I have that going for me and very little else.  Should I even be attempting to go in a direction that I have nothing to offer but passion?


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