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Cadillac Takes on the Big 3

General Motors dropped their flagship 4 door sedan/saloon, the Cadillac CTS-V last week, with a sound somewhat similar to a certain male appendage (of considerable length and girth) landing on … Continue reading

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Do you want to be better than your Supercar?

I keep reading about how unwanted the Dodge (can we call it that again?) SRT Viper is in the Supercar world. There is absolutely no doubt that the Sub $100k … Continue reading

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Ford Australia Snubs it’s Fans for the Last Time

I really didn’t think that I would care as much about this decision as I did. I just can’t help but feel ripped off and even snubbed by a family … Continue reading

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Can Ford Change UK’s Perception of the Mustang?

Ford recently announced that the all new 2015 Mustang would be released as a global platform, meaning that you will be able to walk in to a Ford dealership and … Continue reading

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Under the Thumb

  I’ve heard that sitting down to write while you are in a bit of a huff can completely ruin the context of what you intend to accomplish. But if … Continue reading

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